The Capital Bone Graft Harvester allows for fast, reliable, and reproducible harvesting of autograft from the iliac crest.

Capital Bone Graft Harvester in Action

The innovative features of the Capital Harvester extract the graft dowel while shielding surrounding tissue to reduce donor trauma. The simple four-component device provides bone graft material that is osteogenic, osteoinductive, osteoconductive, and ready to implant. Harvested autograft can be combined with any osteoinductive agent and/or osteoconductive matrix, provided that these products are cleared for use as bone graft extenders when used with autograft bone.

Active Retention

  • Custom features and saw-tooth profile are  designed to actively grasp bone
  • Shaft fenestration facilitates bone drilling while  providing ease of autograft ejection
  • Combination of features allows for consistent and  reproducible bone grafting

Less Disruptive

  • Harvests primarily cancellous bone (a natural source of osteoconductive and osteoinductive  agents), which helps stimulate bone formation and  fusion
  • MIS approach leaves no large skin incisions or soft  tissue retraction

Cost Effective

Lower cost than many bone graft substitutes

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